It is September 5, 2011 and I have been extremely busy working with our new distributors of Final Step and our new sponsors. On September 17 I will be putting in food plots on our Missouri farms and making last minute stand adjustments. Hunting will begin in Missouri in October, and then I will be headed to Kansas November 5-12. The third week of November I will be back in Missouri for Rifle season. In December I will head to Iowa for shot gun season and then in January I will be headed to Arizona for Mule deer and Coues deer. It is going to be a very busy fall and I am excited to get started. Make sure you make Final Step part of your hunting plan this year as we expect to have an incredible hunting season. Good luck this fall and shoot straight!
Dwight Howdeshell
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Heading up here in a few minutes to set up camp for the hunt starting this next friday the 9th. of Sept. I am guiding an Archery Elk hunter for Unit 1 in Arizona. Then I am helping a good friend of mine on a Rifle Elk hunt unit 16a October 15th, in New Mexico. I then have hunts in both NM and Arizona for Coues Whitetail, October and November. I plan on using Final Step Natural Cover Scents for all of these outing. In the last 2 weeks I have been out to "check out my new Electronic Caller and have called in two Foxes and two Bobcats. I used Final Step on both outings and both a fox and a Bobcat came into my calls from "Downwind", no joke. I thought I would be safe with my back to a tree, sitting on my fold out stool, breeze in my face and this fox scared the living daylights out of me when he literally ran past me at about a foot, he was zeroed in on my call. Awesome! I didn't shoot at the foxes, however I missed both bobcats, one with my pistol and the other with my bow. Final Step all the way!

Greg Verlander
  I am really excited about the opportunity to get out a few days here in NM for the early archery coues deer hunt. We have some trail cams out and have been getting some dandy bucks on the camera. The NM hunt is open till Sept. 24th so we have ample time to get into a stand here real soon.

The weather is really hot so will be leaning on the Juniper Final Step to help keep us undetected in the stand. Hope to have some opportunities at a nice buck.
Good hunting,
  The weather is cooling off here in the Midwest and we are getting excited to start our Fall hunts. First on the list is Kansas Whitetail Archery in October and November. We are then off to New Mexico and Arizona in January for Coues deer and or Mule deer. We will be using Final Step for all of our hunts. Good luck hunting!

Keith Wilson
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