Final Step Testimonials
In 2010 I tried a new cover scent called Final step (cedar). I have been bow hunting for five years and I am 14 years old. I was hunting and had a small buck come right under my tree and stand. I passed him up. Later that same morning I grunted in another deer and he came in to the decoy. He sniffed the decoy and was not alarmed. I shot him at 20 yards and he only ran 70 yards before piling up. I won't go hunting with out my Final Step.
Gary Lawrence III, Muscotah, KS
While Javelina hunting in South eastern Arizona this year with my brother Wayne and good friend Rex Jensen I was introduced to a new scent product by the name of Final Step with a Greasewood scent. I do believe that it did play a key role in all three of us taking a Javelina during this hunt. During the hunt with a swirling wind at times when we were stalking the Javelina's they were never able to catch our scent. I would definitely use the Final Step scent products for any kind of hunting situation and feel confident to be scent free.
Franz DeVilbiss, Arizona
It was the first week in November North East Kansas, set up over a fresh scrape line were two stands had been set up earlier that week. We started that morning just like the day before spraying down with Final Step Cover Scent (Cedar Scent) and headed towards our tree stands, with the wind slightly at our backs coming out of the north, I was optimistic about this new cover sent after seeing two does walk right under us the day before with no idea that we were even there.  That morning around 7:00 we had some deer activity out in the distance going from the fields to their beds, but with the rut just around the corner and opened scrape’s in the area you never know what might come walking through. Around 8am I was looking towards the creek bottom slightly down wind of us I saw a good buck lift his head up and started his way over to us, he was heading right to the scrape that we were set up over, the huge buck had no clue that we were even there, he presented a 23 yard broadside shot and after traveling 70yards my trophy of a life time was on the ground. I personally believe that this 170+ class buck’s Final Step was the result of him not able to wind us due to the Final Step Cover Scent. 
Dave Hernandez, Arizona
Having had the opportunity to try the Final step Greasewood, on a javelina hunt in southern arizona . we were right on them for a good 20 min and even with a wind change, they didnt know we were there . TRY IT , IT WORKS
Wayne DeVilbiss, Arizona
I've used your final step greasewood, cedar and juniper cover scents in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas with fantastic results. When you are hunting predators, Javelina, feral hogs and deer at ranges under 50 yards I've had the wind hit me in the back of the neck and didn't spook the animal. The cover scent even seems to calm them.  Its proved to me that you can count on it even later in the day when you been hunting hard and worked up a sweat. Thanks for the great cover scent.
Stephen Taylor, Safford
I started using Final Step Scent Elimination Spray after receiving three different samples to try at the end of 2010.  The 2011 Archery Season started January 1st for Deer and Javelina.  My first day out I sprayed down with the juniper scent, made a quick stalk on a 2x2 Mule Deer that took an arrow at 48 yards.  The next weekend I headed out into the desert hunting Javelina.  This time I sprayed down with the Greasewood scent.  I stalked up to within 60 yards where I sat and watched the pigs for about 15 minutes.  Then to my amazement, out walked 3 more Javelina that I had not seen.  They were less than 40 yards away and directly down wind and they never smelled me.  A little while later, I arrowed one at less than 10 yards.  Without the Final Step Scent Cover, this would never have happened. Thank you, Final Step!
Mike Rhodes, New Mexico
Final Step Scent spray brought me a buck of a lifetime and because of how well this scent decoys human odors from wildlife,.We were able to capture it on film, Not just one persons odor this spray decoyed, but two. Thanks everyone involved in making this tremendous product. I won't go to the woods without it again.
Jace Clinton, St. Joseph, MO.
Thanks to Final step I had a very successful year. By far the best scent control product I have ever used. I will never go to the timber without Final Step cover scent.
Chad Angst, Missouri
I was using the greasewood Final Step.  I tracked the javelina into an area where they were bedded and occasionally getting up and milling around.  I ended up sitting on them for about an hour trying to locate the biggest one.  During that time the wind kept shifting and swirling towards them.  I don't believe that I would have been able to sit on them for as long as I did, with the wind the way that it was, if I hadn't been using your product.
Travis Ragland, Arizona
I used Final Step (Cedar Scent) for the first time during the 2010 hunting season here in Kansas. It's the only scent on the market that truly smells like nature. Other products attempt to eliminate scent, but fail. Final Step is so real, it smells just like the environment that your hunting in. Final Step proved itself over and over, even when the wind just wouldn't cooperate. I would definitely encourage any hunter to give Final Step a try, it will be the last scent they ever buy.
Chris Bodenhousen, Muscotah, KS
In 2010 I tried a new cover scent called Final Step (cedar). Even though I did not harvest a buck, I was able to take a doe that was down wind of me and she never knew I was there. I had several opportunities to harvest smaller bucks, but none that were the trophy I was looking for. I was also able to harvest a coyote not pictured with a bow also down wind of me with no clue I was there.I was also able to harvest a Bob cat with a bow. It took two shots, the first one missed. He came back after the first shot and sniffed the arrow, was not alarmed, and gave me a second shot. He took his final step.
Gary Lawrence, Muscotah, KS
finalstep001027.jpg finalstep001026.jpg youtube_icon.png finalstep009015.gif
II was sneaking through the piñon and junipers and this buck never spooked when I came upon him at less than 25yards. I definitely think the Final Step helped keep him from smelling me
Joshua Adams, Capulin, NM
Just to give you some feedback on the final step juniper I used during my Elk hunt. To be blunt that stuff is BAD ASS!! I hunted and never worried about the wind. I called four bulls within bow range with the largest being in the 340 class. I did not harvest a bull but I could have if I wasn't so picky...I am recommending this product to all my clients
Tommy Maldonado, Tyrone, NM
Here's a photo of two dogs we killed in southern New Mexico last weekend. Three other hunt teams killed another 5 more dogs the same day. We were all using your product! Thanks very much for the opportunity to use your product.
Enoch Smith, Santa Teresa, NM
It was 95 degrees on the South Dakota prairie as I watched a buck tend his seven does and repeatedly chase off two satellite bucks. I close the distance from a mile to 500 yards but then ran out of good cover. My only approach was from up wind onto the knob above the basin where the buck was keeping his does. Both me and my decoy were sprayed down with Final Step
sage cover scent so I went for it. As I topped the hill 100 yards from the herd, I popped up the decoy. The buck immediately caught the movement and charged. He covered the ground in just seconds and was only 13 yards, directly down wind from me when I raised up over the decoy and shot him. Thanks Final Step for concealing me and helping me close the deal on my third Pope and Young antelope!
Gary Colbath
My dad gave me a bottle of your Final Step "Cedar" to try out, and I just wanted to let you know this stuff works great!! I have tryed everything on the market it seems and haven't found nothing that works this well. I have only used your product a hand full of times this year, but on every occasion it has worked flawlessly. As a matter of fact this past weekend I killed my biggest buck to date a 155 inch non-typical that came in directly down wind of me after I had over 10 deer come in from the same direction and I was never winded. I just figured you probably enjoy feedback from people using your products, so I thought I would drop you an email. I am sold and will definately be using your product and spreading the word about it.

Thanks for coming out with such a great product!
Matt Merten
The 2011 New Mexico archery elk season was here and my brother Tyson and I were fortunate enough to draw a tag. As always Tyson and I would be hunting together. Every morning and evening we would spray our clothing and boots with Final Step Cover Scent (Juniper) and head into the woods. One morning we were able to call a cow in, she was only 20 yards away and she was down wind!!! She didn't see what she was looking for and walked off. A few minutes later we were able to call her in to the same spot and thanks to Final Step, she still hadn't winded us. On the morning of day five, we found ourselves in between two screaming bulls, fifty yards from each bull. Because of Final Step Cover Scent, neither bull winded us. The first bull moved through a small opening at fifty five yards but neither of us were unable to get a shot off. We slowly crept down towards the bull below us and spotted him on a trail forty nine yards away. Tyson got him to stop with a soft cow call, but as they always do, he stopped behind a bunch of brush. The bull turned around on the trail and I could see a small shooting lane between me and the bull. He just needed to take a step forward. He stepped forward and stopped. Tyson said to shoot for forty yards because of the steep angle between us and the bull. I settled my forty yard pin, let her fly, and watched the arrow hit its mark. Praise God!!! Thanks to Final Step Cover Scent we were able to stalk up to and seal the deal on a mature New Mexico bull.
Thanks for producing an effective product.
Ben Strain
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