The idea and concept of using natural plant material as a cover scent goes back many years to my trapping days in the 70's, 80's and early 90's. Here in the southwest, we have large amounts of grease wood and it has tremendous natural scent qualities and abilities to hide human scent.
My father and I would use the grease wood plant on our traps and drags to deodorize them and help eliminate the chance of a coyote detecting our trap once it was placed in the ground. To further eliminate human scent from the set, I would place my pan covers in a coffee can with grease wood leaves. After a day or so, the pan covers smelled just like the grease wood plant. Over the years, this cover scent technique worked excellent for us in our pursuit of the Wiley coyote.
In 1996, I was introduced to Keith Wilson from Kansas by a mutual friend of ours. Mike Grable and Keith came to New Mexico and I took them on a javelina hunt in Arizona which turned out to be Mikes last hunt he would ever go on. His health was deteriorating and he soon lost the battle to a tumor he had been fighting for years. Through Mike, our good friend, another friendship was kindled that would last forever.
I loved hunting eastern whitetails and I was soon invited to go to Kansas the next year with Keith to chase whitetails with a bow. We quickly became best amigos and the Kansas hunt soon turned into a yearly tradition that I love with a passion.
It didn't take long to figure out that there were cedar trees everywhere in the area that we hunted. Keith and I both realized the power and scent hiding abilities of the cedar tree. We began utilizing the aromatic properties of the cedars there to cover our human scent while bow hunting whitetails. We would literally wallow in the trees, break branches and rub them all over our clothes. We would push a limb down on the ground and scrub the soles of our boots into the foliage of the limb.
This process was working so well, even deer crossing our path where we had just walked to our stand only minutes before were not busting us. I told Keith, we have to figure out how to put these scent hiding abilities in a bottle for ease of use. Thus began the task of trying to put the scent hiding properties into an easy to use spray bottle.
We began experimenting over the course of several years and after much time, effort, research and extensive field testing, "Final Step" natural cover scents became a reality. We had managed to capture the scent covering abilities of four North American plants and put them into a spray bottle. We honestly believe that there is nothing better than using the natural aromas of nature for hiding your presence in the outdoors.
I would like to thank my father for teaching me the hunting and trapping skills that fueled my knowledge and love of the great outdoors over the years. I learned so much about natural scent control from all those years on the trap line chasing predators. I want to give thanks to Keith for the best of friendships, he has a tremendous knowledge of the whitetail and their habits. Without his knowledge and friendship, "Final Step Cover Scents" would only be a dream!

Rex Jensen
How It All Started
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