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"With the development of the Final Step cover scents, they have given me that extra edge that I as a bow and muzzle loader hunter have wanted and needed for so many years. I have tried many of the other scent killing / cover scents on the market and have found nothing that can compare to the results that we have been getting from the Final Step cover scents. Watching the animals reactions sniffing where you have been and walked only minutes before and never as much as raising a hair is remarkable to say the least! I have had deer and javelina down wind of me within 30 yards on numerous occasions and have not been busted yet! It seems to make the deer curious and calmed at the same time, keeping them in the area longer for that much needed opportunity at a good clean shot! In my opinion, there is nothing like it on the market for giving you that close up edge that we all need as sportsmen in the outdoors. I will never use any other brand!"
"In the fall of 2010, using Finalstep cover scent "Cedar" the results were unbelievable. I had many encounters' with deer, less than 10 yards downwind with no clue that the hunter and videographers were present including this once in a lifetime 19pt Kansas Whitetail. This product works great in downwind conditions. In my January Couse deer hunt ,using Finalstep Juniper, the results again were unbelievable! the deer were unable to detect human odor with swirling mountain winds, I  was able to harvest this New Mexico coues deer. I would highly recommend Finalstep cover scent products to every hunter and wildlife videographer."
Rex Jensen ....
Keith Wilson ....
Meet The Final Step Cover Scents Pro Staff
"In 2010 I tried the Final Step (Cedar) cover scent for the first time and was amazed at how well it worked. I have tried every cover scent on the market as well as those that say they will make you invisible and none of them worked like this product. In nine days of hunting in Kansas, five days in Missouri, and four days in Iowa I was never detected by deer. The deer would cross my path and could smell the cover scent, but it actually calmed them down and made them curious. In some cases they would walk right to the bottom of the tree I was in. It was the most amazing thing. I had deer on the down wind side several times and they never knew I was there. I was able to harvest a great Kansas nine pointer and Final Step played a key part in my success. You have to try this product!"
Dwight Howdeshell ....
Dwight is a Mechanical Engineer with 17 years experience and he has over 28 years hunting experience. He resides in Arnold, MO.
Rex is a retired produce farmer of 30 years, fur trapped professionally for nearly 15 years, and has been a taxidermist for nearly 25 years. He guided hunters for 13 years and has over 40 years hunting experience. He resides in Virden, NM.
Keith is a sheet metal fabricator and equipment designer with 19 years experience.He has been a cattleman and farmer for his entire life and has over 29 years of hunting experience. He resides in Muscotah, KS.
Greg Verlander, an Industrial Electrician and a part time Elk hunting guide has been hunting for approximately 25 years. Greg has hunted in numerous parts of the world and has 11 personal New Mexico and Arizona Bull Elk Archery kills. He has also helped numerous family, friends and clients kill Elk as well. He currently resides in Morenci, Arizona.

"As a new user of final step cover scents, I have had great success this past season varmint hunting! I am going to use your product religiously during the upcoming archery deer and Elk hunt as well and will introduce the product to my hunters in camp."
Greg Verlander ....
Ralph Ramos ....
Ralph Ramos brings creativity to elk hunting along with many years of experience to the archery and hunting industry. His never-give-up attitude and veteran game-calling ability has been recognized in several bow hunting magazines, hunting DVDs, and television shows. Ralph's voice has been heard by many who enjoy listening to his elk hunting seminars; educating people with in-depth team work styles on locating strategies, X-zone setup, decoying tactics, excessive cow talk, rattling in big bulls, and utilizing aggressive bugling to the hunters benefit. Not only does he instruct the public in all aspects of elk hunting, but teaches youth about the benefits of modern regulated hunting.
Ralph’s busy lifestyle also consists of being a professional hunting elk guide and a middle school principal. He resides in Las Cruces, NM.

"Here it is, finally a natural spray cover scent that really works and lasts a long time. Big Game spot, stalk, & calling is smelly and demanding when you are on the ground running & gunning for Elk. But when you finally close the gap on that Bull, worrying about the wind is not what needs to be on my mind. Final Step Cover Scents is top priority & preference when blending in to your environment. I have always believed in blending into the environment with Mossy Oak attire and cover scents. Final Step Juniper spray is the best when blending into the elk environment. It does not wear off when the "window of opportunity or that shot of a lifetime arrives." Other brands of scent covers have failed me, when I needed scent cover most! Final Step is the strongest smelling, longest lasting spray and best product I have found when you are hunting and guiding sweaty hunters in the field. I do not leave the woods without it! Remember the Final Step, its the cover scent spray that works!"
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