Meet Final Step Cover Scents' Field Staff
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J.J. Salinas, 22 Years Old, Lordsburg, NM

4 years hunting experience

             I was born and raised in Lordsburg, NM… I work for Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold as a leach operator… I am married and have 2 children… I have been seriously bow hunting since I was 18 years old… I’ve had the opportunity to take many animals in my short bow hunting career from elk to whitetail deer even up to exotic rams… I have also been published in Bowhunt America Magazine several times with my trophies… In January of 2012 Final Step helped me bag my Pope and Young Mule Deer… I am a minister at my local church… So for me, there’s no other place to experience the beauty of God like the great outdoor.
            “When I first heard of Final Step in 2011, I picked up a bottle of Juniper right away… I used it that fall and filled every tag I had in my bow vest… From NM to AZ to Texas to AR, I made sure Final Step made every trip… I had used many other cover scents throughout my career and still no other cover scent impressed me more like Final Step… Every animal that stepped within bow range never knew I even existed… To watch this product in action was all it took to convince me that Final Step was the real deal… I ended my 2011 bow season with 7 kills (Antelope, Coues Deer, Mule Deer, Eastern Whitetail, Black Hawaiian Ram, Texas Dall Ram and a Ferral Hog) and I am proud to say that Final Step was the reason for my success... I will continue to use this product faithfully… The motto says it all “LIKE YOU WERE NEVER THERE” Being an avid bow hunter, I highly recommend this product if you want to sneak right into the bedroom of that next trophy!”
         If you are as serious as I am when it comes to archery hunting big game, final step cover scent gives you that extra edge when getting in close for that long awaited shot of a life time. More than once while using this product I have witnessed mature bucks come in down wind, cut our track, follow our scent right to our tree stand and look right up at us. Last year I killed a buck less then a few inches away from the climbing sticks on the tree we were in (Cedar Scent). 2011 Elk hunt with the wind at our backs we were walking right into the heard, passing on lesser bulls and they had no idea we were even there (Juniper Scent). The 2013 Javelina hunts we were walking right into the heard also with the wind at our backs getting within 15 yards of them (Grease Wood). So if you’re a serious Bow hunter Final Step Cover Scents should be part of your arsenal.

Dave Hernandez,  Morenci, AZ

25 years hunting experience

Brett Jensen, Virden, New Mexico

25 years hunting experience

        I am a Law Enforcement Officer and have been for many years. I currently work full time as a Narcotics Agent and I am also the Chief of Police of my home town. I am also the Owner/Host of the Outdoor Vigilantes Hunting Show of which Final Step is a proud sponsor.

Kody Lucas, Edgar Springs, MO

35 years hunting experience

 I started hunting small game and fishing with my father when I was 4 or 5 years old. At the ripe old age of 8, I took my first Gobbler my father called in for me. I took my first buck with a gun at the age of 10 and took my first buck with a bow when I was only 13. My father showed me how to hunt and fish and I became completely obsessed with it! It was all I could think about and not much has changed today. Now approximately 30 years later, I have introduced my wife and children to this amazing sport and they too, have grown to love hunting and fishing and enjoying the outdoors. As the years have passed I have learned how to pattern deer and understand them better. The past 35 years spent in the woods have given me the wisdom needed to score on several trophy class White Tailed Deer.

               My father used to tell me that you can't fool a deer's nose, but you can try to up your odds. He taught me to make blinds using cedar limbs to help with concealment but mainly for the strong cedar smell that would help mask my scent. Sometimes we would rub cedar all over our clothes and gear to transfer the cedar smell to us. That was the best thing we had back then. I was introduced to Final Step Cover Scents in 2011 and it has completed changed the way I hunt today! I use the Cedar scent and have had excellent luck with it in Missouri and Kansas. Nothing beats it and it is 100% all natural! I now have the power of cedar in a bottle!

              These days there is is nothing I love more than filming my wife and children on their hunts. That’s what I call quality time! I have always said, “If you teach your kids to hunt, you won’t have to hunt your kids!” It is our heritage and needs to be passed on to our children and grandchildren. I am often asked how I take so many quality deer and the only advice I can give is to put in your time and learn your deer’s pattern. If were not hunting deer, were hunting sheds, planting food plots, hanging stands, putting out much needed mineral licks and running game cameras. It’s a lot of work, but it will pay off in the end. You will make quality time and memories with your family and friends and that’s what it’s really all about.
So, get in the woods with your family and friends and make some memories! Happy hunting and God Bless!!

Derek Harris, Las Cruces, New Mexico

12 years hunting experience